DIY Ombre and Dip-Dye Hair

Those of you who follow me on instagram (@mezfashionfazer) have already seen my ridiculous pink and purple hair- well, I undertook a massive DIY on my hair which I've never done before (eek!) and here's how it went.

What you'll need:
Mez Fazer// Sydney Fashion Blogger

  • Garbage Bag: I cut a hole in this and used it to protect my clothing. Working with bleach is bad for the skin and clothes, so I didn't want to take any risks!
  • Some sort of bleach: Ok, so I've been told that I did this whole 'Ombre/ Balayage' thing wrong. In a moment of poverty and wanting a change I waltzed into the closest supermarket and bought the cheapest box of hair lightener I could find. Apparently, you're supposed to get 'proper' bleach, which this really isn't.
  • Colours: I chose pink and purple because I had a longing for fairy floss hair. Some find that weird, some don't- whatever your choice, buy it!
  • Gloves: You can't really see these in the picture, but you need at least TWO pairs of gloves, THREE if like me, you're putting two colours in your hair. So to sum up: one pair for bleach, and a pair each according to how many colours you're running through your hair.
  • Brush: This is pretty self explanatory.
  • Clips: to clip up your hair so you've got the ability to colour layers.

So the before picture on the left above is actually AFTER DIY Ombre, but BEFORE the colour.
I followed this tutorial here:

I tried desperately to resist this trend, but I just needed something different! 
What do you guys think?

x Mez

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  1. nothing like a bit of change to shake things up! your hair is gorgeous regardless but i am living vicariously through your unicorn mane now haha at the end of the day its only the ends and will fade out (which i also love hello pastel prettiness ala wild fox model charlotte free!) i will be interested to see how you dress with the new do - will it impact you in anyway? will you unconsciously dress differently? its amazing what a small change can ripple effect - i love it mez! well done!

  2. I can't believe you did it yourself, it looked amazing when I saw you at SR and I really thought it looked professionally done! Amazinggg!

    Nora Finds

  3. Love it! both before and after the pink. If you want new hair... get new hair! I've changed mine so often now that I don't care anymore, it's all about the experimentation.

    - Sóley
    xx we are purple

  4. GURL U WERK DAT FUNKAY HURR. It's so pretty. I swear, I was staring at it all fashion week when you weren't looking, not that I'm creepy or anything. Also, because it's completely unrelated to the post and I shouldn't even know this, because it's slightly creepier than me staring at your hair, your shirt says milk and oreos, and I love milk and oreos, therefore I love you; not in that (tree-)sappy way, but in that hey-there-I-like-your-hair-who-does-your-hair-I-wanna-go-there...PSHUH way.

    You should watch this, because it totally represents how I feel about this post much better than my writing does: x