Paspaley's Pearl Perfection.

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Holy Liberace, I'm so delayed with this post!
A month or so back I was lucky enough to be invited to a private showing of the Paspaley flagship store in Martin Place, Sydney (it's a-maz-ing!). I highly recommend you have a looksies inside if you're around because the actual building and interior is breathtaking.

I wouldn't normally consider myself a 'pearls girl'. When I initially received the invite I was wary and somewhat critical of writing about it. I had this preconception about Paspaley specialising in strands of pearls made for the elderly and the Stepford Wives out there. 

But I was very, very wrong.
I fell in love with so many beautiful, elegant and unusual pieces. I was surprised at not only how wearable they were, but that some pieces were ACTUALLY in my price range (to some degree)!

If you can, check out their brand spanking new online store: to learn about their collections, some history about the family owned business, and my favourite part of the whole site- 'discovering the virtue of a pearl' which teaches you how to tell the difference in lustre, complexion, shape, colour and size of a pearl, something I think every woman who loves and writes about fashion should know.

What do you guys think of the 'Muse' range above and the online store? What's your thoughts on pearl based jewellery? Would you wear it?
Would you be interested in a tour if FashionFazer organised a showing for you?

Leave your comment below or tweet your answers to @Mezfashionfazer!

x Mez

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