planning M B F W A

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This time last week, rounding up all my accessories and planning my outfits for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, can't believe how quickly this week flew by. Sorting through 1,234 photos. Insane in the membrane.

x Mez


  1. Maria where did those boots (far right) come from? They're gorgeous! And I can't wait for your future posts on MBFWA :)

    Nora Finds

    1. Hey Nora- aren't they gorgeous? They're from Wittner, I got them about 8 months ago now but they might still have them. They're ridiculously comfy and as you can see- I've worn them to death!

  2. Loving that nude wedges second to right! I need to see more of you in that beauty!

    ★☆Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog☆★

  3. Only 1234 photos? I've got around 1600. Also, what's with the hot lime satchel? Is it a Cambridge or some other brand I haven't heard of. Damn, I want a Cambridge satchel. DEY SO EXPENSIV THO~. I want to see your MBFWA posts already. Who cares about uni? You can get kicked out, write a song about it, auto tune it to death, send it to 96.1, they'll love it (because it's auto tuned) then they'll play it non-stop and you'll make money like that, and you'll end up better off than you would be if you stayed at uni... or not. x

  4. Love this pics! your blog is awesome, the pics are so inspirational :)