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I was rummaging through the thousands of photos on my hard drive and I came across some interesting ones from the past year or so. 
I'll attempt to remember what each one is:

  1. Street dancers just before they screw up a move and he hits the floor. 
  2. Make-up artist and model; behind the scenes of the Lovers & Collaborators photo shoot.
  3. A random man dressed as a chicken on Pitt St Mall, Sydney. No idea..
  4. Very sexy shoes.
  5. Bubble man that yelled at me for taking photos roughly 4 minutes after taking this photo.
  6. Hunter Valley clouds.
  7. Cork board in my room.
  8. More shoes.
  9. Family
  10. Bloggers at last year's Australia Fashion Week, starting from left; Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage, Jess from Tuula, Em from Spin Dizzy Fall and Zanita.
  11. Beautiful decorations.

x Mez

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