REKORDERLIG X Caroline Blomst

photos by Dan Gosse for Fashion Fazer

   Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of hanging out with Caroline Blomst from Caroline's Mode and Stockholm Streetstyle Style.

    The Swedish, soft spoken former model was incredibly lovely, albeit tired from her hectic schedule in Australia, as she tours around her photography exhibition thanks to the delicious cider makers, Rekorderlig. The exhibition launch was held in Somedays Gallery with an eclectic and interesting crowd, and the gorgeous snapshots that Caroline took of stunning fashionista from around the globe.

Is it your first time in Australia? Are you enjoying your stay so far?

Yes, it is our first time here

   Yeah I am really enjoying Australia, I think our time here has been really great, quite busy but we have managed to see a lot. I just wish we could stay here a little bit longer, but maybe next time when we come back for Sydney Fashion Week hopefully. That’s a good excuse to come back here.

Can you tell the Fashion Fazer readers a bit more about what this exhibition is showcasing? You have been doing this for six years now, how do you choose which amazing shots to include, and which to leave out? 

    Our exhibition is showcasing 21 of my favourite street style images which are my favorite inspirational shots from our recent street style work. The images are very fresh and new having been picked from the last year. I could have also easily chosen 100 images for the exhibition but the ones I chose are the ones that mean the most to me and have stayed with me during the recent year’s fashion circuit.

   It was so hard to narrow it down; first of all I made sure chose images from our recent work. I then browsed through the site and remembered some styles that stood out to me and that I really wanted to feature. We stopped at 21 because it is a good number for an exhibition.

I understand that you started the blog with your boyfriend, is that right? What's your advice to other people running a blog or website with their partners? 

  Yes, my boyfriend Daniel and I work on Caroline’s Mode together.
   My advice is to keep business business and your private personal life separate, and also always make sure you are the boss (laughs) but it is always nice to be together when we travel, we can also have fun together while we are working. Working together is a shared enjoyment and it’s quite good because we spend so much time together we don't need to hang out after work as we already hang out during the day. Basically it either works or it doesn't, and it works for us.

Do you find it challenging at times?

  I don't think we find it so challenging, we normally don't have any disagreements. It's just a lot of time we get to spend together and we have been doing it for so long now that we go with the flow.

I would love to know what your equipment of choice is? Any photography advice for budding street style snappers? 
    Our photography equipment is a secret, we normally would never tell, but we use Canon cameras, the Mark II type, the lens is 85/1.2. We also use Leica M9P cameras, with the lens 35/1.4. We never use a tripod for our street style.
  My advice is to do you own style, go for high quality photos and never settle for less.

And lastly, what's on the horizon for you and the site? Any new projects? 

In the future we are adding on bloggers to the Caroline's World part of Caroline's Mode. This is something we will start when we get back to Stockholm; we want to add different bloggers from different parts of the world so we can have a glimpse from everywhere. It should be a great addition to Caroline’s Mode.

So, there you have it!

x Mez

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  1. i love caroline to bits.
    caroline's mode is what inspired me to start blogging in the first place.
    you lucky duck for getting some snaps and a little chat with her! x.