Blogistential crisis

So I am having a bit of an existential crisis. Let's call it a blogistential crisis. See, my original reason for starting this blog was just to share aspects of my creative life and passions, and to show how outfits can be made to look like a million dollars even with the cheapest of pieces, and can be reworked with different things to give them new life. The gigantic library of 'my favourite' pictures I have on TWO computers was motivation enough. 

But here is my problem: I don't feel as if I'm doing anything different. To wade through the millions of fashion blogs that are now out there is a difficult task in that they almost all blend together now. Seamlessly. One vast ocean of fashionista's taking photo's of outfits in their daily lives and sharing their ideas. 

Don't get me wrong, I love reading them, I have my favourites and I literally spend hours saving pictures and being inspired. But what makes my blog different? What makes it stand out for that 3.4 average seconds someone will spend browsing your blog before they decide to either keep reading or keep swimming through the blogosphere??

I mean, to tell you the truth, even the whole vintage clothing thing isn't close to being original. My love for Rumi Neely from fashion toast only just surpasses my hate for the fact that she did it first. 

I thought about focusing on Sydney, considering I basically live in Bondi, and showing fashion, art and places to go. I thought about focusing on one style of dressing as most successful fashion blogs do out there. However, that's not why I like fashion. Rumi's focus has always been a grungy/ street look:

which I love!

Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad, whilst quite diverse, has a predominantly high end fashion feel to her pictures:

But for me, fashion has always been about regressing into that childish ability to play dress ups. About different moods and emotions, different sides of your personality you want to bring to the surface. Sometimes I feel ladylike, elegant, sometimes I feel sexy, sometimes I feel rock starish, sometimes I feel 50's, and so on so forth. Not sure if it's any different, but that's how I feel.

Anyway, to conclude this novel I have clearly just written, I would love to hear any ideas or thoughts!?? 

P.S- my top shop bag just arrived!

P.P.S- I hate when people write 'P.P.S'. Seriously, just make the original post longer. Its a re-editable computer script. not paper.


  1. haha, this is such a rant.

    Pretty much the fact that you posted this MAKES YOU DIFFERENT. I think this is the first time I've read a fashion blog about the trials and tribulations of fashion blogging.

    Thinking of starting a blog myself and this has been so useful! Now following you on bloglovin'!

    Keep up the amazing intelligent posts and stylish pictures and you'll stand out :p

    Keli x

  2. that's exactly what i love about fashion, its about playing some one different each day!

  3. I am in love with the middle east =)

    Cute blog.. I will add you!!


  4. Wow, I'm so grateful ppl actually read this thing!
    First off- Keli it is SUCH a rant, hence the label underneath haha, and thank you so much I'm glad you liked it!

    Emma, its true because I don't think anyone's personality is THAT uniform, you know what I mean?

    And 5thandsweet- I LOVE the middle east! I recently saw them at Big Day Out in Sydney and they were just...aaagh....i love them. It feels like such an escape when I listen to them. Much like the fleet foxes.

  5. I think you just have to keep doing what you love and no need to worry of being stand out and such because people will keep coming back if they simply like the blog trust me ;)
    This thing struck me once but after i stopped thinking about it and just did my thing, unexpectedly people visited more haha.
    Being original is the best!
    and I love your blog and style xoxo

  6. Yeah totally Joanna, I think right after this post I just sort of thought 'stuff it'. This blog is really only about one thing, FUN!

    Love your blog too, talk about cultural influences!!


  7. Hahah I know hey! When I saw the middle east it was the hottest part of the day I felt like I was going to die! I was under the sprinkler heheh..

  8. I loved audrey's picture, I have never seen it before! I am following now, you can follow me too if you want! Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana

  9. 5th and sweet- I was under the sprinkler as well. Pretty sure I lived under there for half the day!

    Froso, I love Audrey, I know its cliche but there's an air of elegance about her that is unparamount to anything Ive ever seen! checked out your blog and loving your outfits!

  10. hi mery its true its a beautiful blog, i love it
    and the pics of u keep doing it!