Murphy's Law

Vintage dress, vintage bag, Target socks, Wittner shoes

Vintage men's shirt with hood, random slip (sorry, no idea), Plush fleece-lined thigh highs, Supre belt, Dolce & Gabbana bag,
Wittner shoes

So I anxiously waited for the UPS man to bring me my shoes today, and they ended up being disastrously too big. So now I must ship a giant box back to the U.S for a smaller pair! Aaaagh, c'est la vie. Anyway:

1. Vintage dress about that is now up in the shop for sale
2. Checked men's shirt with hoodie now for sale
3. My ill-fitted shoes
4. Vintage Valentino glasses (my latest treasure)
5. New True Religion jeans!!

P.S- Have so many pics that I'll be putting up shortly!
Also, I'm resisting the urge to write up a complete review of every single item and thing that has been featured at NY Fashion week, I am aware that every  fashion blogger in the world is obliging this demand. I will therefore, be purely self indulgent and hope that you guys like it! 
I'd also like to get a better idea of what everyone likes to read on this blog so I can post more of that etc. if anyone can share? 



  1. Wow. you're effing gorgeous!!! Seriously!
    Love the blog girly, and love love love your style.

  2. Hey Maria you look stunning as always in these pics.......the background looks familiar!! Keep up the good work i have hopes that you can finally bring the big brands to Australia, and you know perfectly which ones im talking about!!
    Buona Fortuna con il blog!!!

  3. aaaahhh Zara. Why oh why won't you open an online store. Why!? WWWHHHHYYYYYYY!?!???

  4. love your blog! thanks for dropping by. following you now ;)

  5. wow!!! so beautiful!! what a model! love the clothes!!!and they r for sale you say?? :P
    keeeep it up!!!!!!1 forza!!!