the spontaneous fulfillment of Happiness

(Adriano Goldschmied AG jeans, Jessica Simpson shoes, Topshop Bag, Attik singlet, Scry cardi, Diva peacock earrings, La Dama rosary)

So the last of my little studio set up was ordered today which is exciting. On friday, FashionFazer will be doing a shoot with Dan Gosse at Darling Harbour in Sydney which will be absolutely amazing. This Saturday I will be dressing up for a surprise party for my dad, stay tuned to see me looking even more ridiculous then I do naturally!

A new venture will be happening soon, can't wait to unveil it. Seriously I'm so excited!

Right now planning outfits for the shoot, writing this post and watching Planet Earth.



  1. Those are some beautiful shots! Love seeing the gum trees in the background. Cannot WAIT to see your shots in Darling Harbour. I swear, Sydney is the most beautiful city in the world, and Sydney and Darling Harbours are amazing. I always loved seeing them when I lived there.

    ♥ V

  2. Wow, your whole look is so sophisticated. I love your cardigan and shoes x

  3. seriously where did you get your jessica simpson heels.. i've been stalking them and i can't find them!!

  4. Oh boy, I'm so excited! I hope you show us your studio all set up as well. :)

  5. really cool blog,
    i like your style!!

    x x

  6. i'm so digging this look! great outfit and i've always had a soft spot for flared jeans! great 70s look!

    a new follower, fellow aussie! come by for a visit or follow too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan