Ok, let's do it. I feel energised and a little more ready to attempt to sort through all the things I'm meant to be doing for current projects.

For a second there I actually planned for so many goals I spooked myself out of them.

This is a picture of almost everything that's in my Forever21 online cart right now.

Seems a little too springy for Sydney right now, but I'd chuck in some tights and jackets and I'd wear all of it in a heart beat. Obviously not together.. that would just be silly now wouldn't it.

So how is everyone doing out in Kingdom Blogosphera? 

(how nerdy is this: when I looked at the word 'Blogosphera' I immediately thought about how 'botanical' the word looked. Or like some sort of bacteria name.) 

Stay tuned, much MUCH more coming!


  1. Great taste. Love your selection. The boots are to die for.


  2. I soooo wish you could get forever 21 in the UK those floral boots look amazing! Love them. Awesome blog love the header. Keep in touch following for sure. xxx