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Yesterday I was sitting on a bench at uni typing away on my laptop when this crustacean looking spider thing crawls across my keys. There were quite a few people around me and, for the sake of integrity and in attempt to look cool and collected I casually got up, rolled a Buddhism flyer somebody gave me, and flicked it away. I calmly packed my shit up and headed to the quietest bathroom I know, and proceeded to stomp all over my clothes. After that as I was waiting for class I kept feeling things crawling in my hair and hitting my head erratically. Needless to say, people ACTUALLY STOOD up and moved away from me.
Yeah. I've become THAT girl.

Anyway, these pics were taken in the bathroom. Classy I know.

I'm wearing a random guys t-shirt, Sportsgirl shorts (that look like a skirt), Supre scarf and belt, and second hand blazer.

By the way guys- it's my birthday today! 23. fuck i'm old.


    Hope you had a fantastic day! :)

    Your skirt is so cute!

  2. Welcome to 23! We like you here. You'll be safe, we promise.

    That was my creepy, children-of-the-corn way of telling you I'm 23 too, and HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY!

    I love how you diffused that bug situation, LOL. The other day a stink bug got into my room, and I just put a washcloth over him. And left it there. Until someone came home who could kill the bug. *Shivers* Gosh I hate bugs.

    I love your outfit here too-- shorts that look like skirts are my new obsession, and you wear them perfectly here. That belt is just so cute. I love it.

    Also, I thought of you when I saw this: Mostly because one of the options for order is "Best Cyber Friends" broken heart TWIN necklaces. I laughed out loud, and then secretly wished I had one, then made that wish not so secret by posting it on your blog for the whole world to see. Couldn't be helped.


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  5. i love your belt! happy belated bday :)

    Walk of Fashion

  6. Happy Birthday - last week.
    Love this outfit.