tear me down like Roger Moore

Messing around with hot pink lipstick I realised it looked exponentially cooler in comic book mode on my MacBook Pro.

I wanted this to be the header but it's just not working out, anyone have any suggestions/tech advice??

Hope everyone's having a nice monday!


  1. No tech advice from me sadly, I was trying to do a header for a while and seriously don't know how to!
    You look amazing!!! :) The lipstick suits you perfectly. <3

  2. I do, actually.
    1. Find out the pixel width of your page; make the picture match.
    2. Add your blog title to your header as part of the picture, like in MS paint or something like that. Mess around with fonts and the like.
    3. Add picture to your header, then change the settings so that ONLY the picture shows, not the picture behind the words. Then the whole header will basically be your "home, James" button and, also, it won't crowd out everything else.

    Hope that helps!


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