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TwentySeven Names Summer 10/11 Lookbook

I love this brand. Seriously I want to wear everything in these photos and wear THE SHIT out of them.
I cannot wait for them to come to Australia.

Ok, so much to post so just putting it all together..

This explains so much. Considering I'm a student and I'm content on spending more money on clothes then on food.

And cause today I got the sickest Jeffrey Campbell Killer shoes, which are pretty much a love child of the ACNE mirrored wedges and JC's Alexa shoes.

Also, Shakuhaci... An amazing Australian label..

Which will be stocked in the store shortly!! Any of my friends reading this would know that I drool every time I pass the store.

That is all. Must go back to pathologically procrastinating. Yeah? Cool.


  1. nice post! fabulous page! ;]

  2. wowww the twentyseven names stuff is gorgeous!

  3. Your West Coast LoverApr 25, 2010, 8:48:00 PM

    OMG platform versions of my boots. I love them!!
    Also, love that dress with the holes in them, very Hobo Chic..sorry I mean Bondi Rd Chic...