but now we found it

OK, in order- the most delicious triple chocolate cookie ever, fork and spoon clock, my mammoth fail at making coffee that resulted in 3 cups that tasted like ash.. seriously. Dry shampoo is my newest obsession, I'm going to carry this bad boy everywhere, the ANZAC bridge, dug up this t-shirt dress thing from the back of my wardrobe (Miss Cherry...? No idea either), it's greyness pleased me greatly. ATTIK grey hobo shawl thing which I want to live in, Cotton On studded vest, vintage belt (one of the best vintage finds ever), Diva earring... that's right... Singular. 
Obviously Jessica Simpson shoes and random bracelets.

My attempted coyness.
The hell that is study at the moment.
The most AWESOME church mailbox EVER.

Guys, sorry about the shite quality of the outfit pictures. My professional-like camera broke and I'm in the painful process of buying a new one.


  1. :) I always love your pictures. That clock is wicked awesome. Also, what the helicopter do you study?? It looks gosh-awful. Good luck with that!


  2. how good is that clock?! I got it for my mum for christmas.

    I study Psychology and Philosophy, but so not into it at the moment.

  3. awesome photos, the jewelry is hot!


  4. I've come across your blog a couple of times and have now bookmarked it (I don't have a Google account), I always love your photos and you have quite a unique way of putting things together!

    Will be checking in!