show me your soul and I'll show you mine

Outfits from last night. We went to Kuleto's cocktail bar and Zanzibar in Newtown.

That dress is something I picked up from a sale at a store in Bondi for $15! Anorak from Sportsgirl, my friend Missy's leather jacket from Thailand, Heavenly Daze red shoes, vintage silver clutch, Supre` belt, bracelet from the markets.

Those shots that some friends bought us are called 'Cookie Monster' (no idea, not a huge drinker) and you can't tell in the picture, but the whole plate is actually on fire. But it didn't go down too well, probably should've let it cool down first instead of burning my insides.

Today I'm chilling out with my little brother who's come to visit for 2 days, cleaning out my room, thinking about the irony in life and how God must be British (there is too much black humour in relationships for him to be anything else), and attempting to fit study in.

Song playing as I write this: 'We're Going out Tonight' Frenzal Rhomb

General epiphany's/Lessons learnt this week: I am ridiculously blessed, I really need a tan, no matter how much you manage to convince yourself otherwise- if you skip a lecture (try 3) you will never actually get around to listening to the recordings online, oh.....and don't go downstairs at Zanzibar; it's a gay bar.


  1. is that the anorak you're talking about? it's so cute!

  2. yehh its a gay bar alright!!! i liked the cookie monster drink....but i drank it after everyone so mine was the right temperature....then tried one called dirty road, now that was gooood
    btw loving the red shoes!! and the dress!! and the lamp!!

  3. Laura: ur hilarious, and also slightly obsessed with that lamp..

    Hey Tina, yeah THAT'S the anorak. I'm in love with it and I think I might be wearing it everyday this month (that's just how I roll). But I was torn between which one looked better the anorak or the leather jacket!

  4. you looked like you had a good night.. whats in those shots they look and sound delish!


  5. Hey midnight, it was a really good night, and as far as I could taste (and see) the green part is absinthe and the brown part is Kahlua or Bailey's....or both. then lemon wedges squeezed on top with cinnamon.

  6. great photos! love the first jacket x

  7. ohhh. thats going to be next round of shots!!!

  8. Oh yay! I live across the raod from Zanzi bar =)
    LOVE IT!!!

    I thought I recognised the leopard print floor heheh


  9. No shit!!! What r the odds!! I'm considering having my birthday there in a months time.

    Geez I'd love to live at newtown, I'm practically there all the time anyway!

  10. love the king size clutch, excellent.

  11. Lurvleeyy blog, enjoying the outfit posts! xx

  12. your jacket matches that dress perfectly!


  13. loove your outfit so much! :D and those are super fun pictures! :D

  14. Love the flower dress with the military jacket.
    You're beautiful!!