if i was a flower growing wild and free

Everyone who knows me is aware of my extreme addiction to books and reading. I will spend at least 2 hours a week in a book store. That's at the least. 
I bring books everywhere... even when I go out (I know it sounds silly but like, what if I'm stranded somewhere and have nothing to do...........then I can catch up on my reading....).

So, in the spirit of my love of words and in homage of all the word rapping that has happened through the ages I just wanted to post some excerpts that have really settled in my mind recently.

These excerpts are via a really cool New Zealand blog called So Much To Tell You

 some general inspiration that I've been engulfed by recently:

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Pictures from So Much To Tell You, Stockholm Street Style, Le Smoking, and other sites I've since forgotten unfortunately.


  1. great quotes and pictures! i love the first text and of course the insanity definition haha.
    xo, Jo

  2. Thanks Joanna, I love the first text, it's cute. And as far as the insanity definition, it's one I definitely have to constantly remind myself about. But the fact that I'm constantly reminding me myself about it could actually just prove that I am in fact...insane.....Whoa.... Crazy self realisation!