..................Somebody out there hates me.

I'm broke. Like.... actually. I just spent my last $10 dollars on a sandwich that I'm seriously thinking gave me food poisoning and am wondering whether I could make money as one of those guys at traffic lights that forcefully wash your car windows before you get a chance to yell in protest.
And as it is, today I've seen about a million things I feel should belong in my wardrobe. Pronto.

Things to get when money is available:

  1. Black Pixie boots by Jeffrey Campbell, and lusting after the blue version  above.
  2. Studded rocker shoes. I am considering this as my next DIY project.
  3. Ok, denim needs are as follows; I NEED a denim vest, and oversized denim shirt, and the Patchwork jeans by Cheap Mondays, and ripped shorts.
  4. Rings. Just all of them. All about the gold lately.
  5. My friends are so sick of hearing this- suspenders. LONG overdue. I need you. Here. Next to me. Holding my cotton shorts up.
  6. Leopard print coat, am thinking faux fur possibly.
  7. Pink/ Coral boyfriend blazer.
  8. Men's shirt
  9. Thigh high suede boots.

...That's not much to ask for right?
At the moment, being a loner, reading Ulysses, considering hanging out at Borders for the rest of the day, existentially pondering the purpose of relationships, and seriously considering going on a bit of a diet cleanse tomorrow in a vain attempt to detoxify my body of all the shite I have eaten recently.

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