Saturday Night


Random pictures from saturday night. How creepy am I in the background of the last one.

Also, saw Lupe Fiasco perform tonight. I love him. He looked at me and we shared a moment. Sure the lights were shining in his eyes, sure this usually means that he wouldn't have seen me. But trust me, we're getting married.


  1. sounds like an awesome weekend.

  2. Your tunic is stunning!

    Thank you for the lovely words. The camera I used for that particular post is the small Canon that you see in the mirror shots. It's a powershot sd630. It's fairly inexpensive and takes decent shots. I fluctuate btw using the canon and using Apple Photobooth when I'm too lazy to set up my tripod. Hope that helps! Oh and I'm following you back!


  3. Very cool!! I love your blog! You write in a way that I want to keep reading! xxoxoxoxo

  4. Comments! Cool!

    Ok so Dirty Hair Halo it was an awesome weekend!

    Ash Fox- that tunic is so much more beautiful up close, I bought it in Greece and it's really heavily beaded and detailed but you feel amazing wearing it.

    And Fashion Cappuccino- I think that might be the greatest compliment I've gotten!! I think I might love you for even reading?!!