26 Things I Am Grateful For

Yesterday I turned 26. I caught myself feeling the pressure of how quickly time passes. So instead of freaking out I decided to write down 26 things I am grateful for, to celebrate.

26 Things I Am Grateful For:

  1. I can still walk
  2. I can still speak
  3. Even though the scan results are bad, I don’t feel any symptoms
  4. My family are all healthy and well
  5. I’m still lucky enough to be growing with Paul. Learning and challenging each other.
  6. I have managed to completely transform my life
  7. I’ve created a successful company and managed to survive and pay an employee with the money
  8. I’m creating an app that has generated the interest of several high up investors
  9. I’ve been given the opportunity to work and live in New York
  10. Giange is going really well
  11. I’ve been forced to let go of toxic people, and I am so grateful as I usually don’t give up easily
  12. I have access to almost any information that I need
  13. I have the opportunity to create anything
  14. I’m grateful for the internet!
  15. I’m grateful for the resources I’ve been lucky enough to own like computer, camera, phone and ipad. I work hard to get these resources.
  16. I’m grateful for my car and the freedom it gives me.
  17. I’m grateful for the opportunity that a co-working space in Ultimo has taken on a crazy learn-a-holic kid from Sydney.
  18. My insatiable love of learning is still here
  19. That I haven’t learnt everything
  20. Decaf coffee that still makes me feel like I’m consuming something even though I’m on a ridiculously strict diet
  21. Music, music, music
  22. That everyone in my life gets along harmoniously and interchangeably
  23. For the fantastic and inspirational people that have come into my life
  24. That i’m getting much better at picking up what things and energy are feeding me or no longer in line with who I am
  25. Beautiful, fresh, organic food and the way meals bring people together
  26. My blog and the incredible people who reach out to me everyday that I don’t even know. I am so humbled by the support it actually makes me so emotional that strangers can take the time to reach out to others in an incredibly positive way.


  1. Happy birthday Mez! I hope you were spoilt rotten and had a fantastic day. xo

  2. Happy birthday for the other day! Lovely post, always nice to reflect on that :) I must get in contact with you again! We haven't done anything regarding the Mind Makeover project we were planning, and I'd love to continue it with you :) The blog is looking great xx