Rebirth, You're Guide to a DIY Makeover

Have you ever watched a makeover shows on television? You know the ones where the participant gets bombarded by experts in hair, makeup, fashion, skin, weight loss, psychology and interior decorating and goes from looking like a 45 year old mother to 30 year old celebrity in two months? Yes? 

Recently I've started to think that who I am everyday is a result of past expectations and not what I want to be right now. If you're confused by this statement don't worry- I'll make myself clearer. 
Say you woke up tomorrow and decided "today I will finally be a peaceful person who no longer gets angry over stupid things", and you go about your day happily until at some point a little bit of a disagreement starts to come up between you and your partner (or someone else who knows you quite well). Even though you spent hours deciding that you no longer want to be someone who can't handle conflict and you want to radiate inner guru-ness, your partner knows exactly what to say to push the right buttons and you're suddenly sent into an uncontrollable avalanche of reactions. Before you know it your face is red, your heart is racing and your raising your voice and beginning to shout stupid, illogical arguments that have long lost any semblance of intelligence. You've hit your anger zone. You've become subject to deep past behaviours that will not submissively walk away quietly the moment you decide 'I'm going to be a different person today'.. 

That's not how it works bucko. 

And this really transcends life areas. There are so many goals that I've set myself both psychologically and physically that I find sooo hard to achieve and I wish I had a team of experts at my disposal that could make the whole process.

Well, NO MORE. I am no longer blaming money or a lack of expertise on keeping me from being the person I want to be. I am doing this myself, beginning to end. I am going to be those experts. I am going to research and experiment and systematically make over each area of my life. 

And you guys can do it with me. If this is something you're interested in then check out the plan I made for myself below. I won't be following this in order but it's a checklist that will continuously be revised, added upon and updated. 

I have made a Metamorphosis Project Pinterest board HERE.
I invite you to make your own boards and start collating images that represent who you want to be who you are becoming.

Feel free to post the link to your own Metarmophosis Project board in the comments below and use #MetProject hashtag so I can showcase your involvement on here and we can all support each other!

What are some of your goals? Let me know below or tweet me @mezfashionfazer

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