FashionFazer X [dais productions]

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Some beautiful images from an epic shoot I did with [dais productions], an amazing media company that focuses exclusively on artistic collaborations. It was so amazing!

Am Wearing (from the top):

Pink Stitch Hummingbird Cape (j'adore!) 

August Street Navajo Dreaming Blazer and Shorts

August Street Black Lace Jacket

Byrd Holland 'Love' Ring 

Byrd Holland Vintage Spanish dress and Flower Shawl (available on Wednesday)

What do you guys think? 
There's more photos to come!

If you have any questions or comments about this shoot, or even a general style question- feel free to tweet me at @mezfashionfazer or leave a comment below!

x Mez


  1. amazing! looks like it has been shot somewhere in europe! x

  2. This is by fat the best photoshoot I've seen on your blog! great photos. You look so natural in front of a camera...

  3. Um. Wow Mez. Love it. Seriously so beautiful, the colours, the setting, the textures, you.

    Love the veiled shot sixth from the top. Every shot is incredible though! I'm speechless :) x

  4. YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love these shots!

    1. Thanks Joelyne, they were magic to do!!


  5. mez!!! troppa bella!!! you look like a sexy Italian in the streets of morocco.
    like kiaz said the textures, colours and setting are all amazing and you look like you should be in european vogue! i love 6th and 8th photos, but really all of them :)
    love u to bits!! xxx

  6. wow this is absolutely amazing. was this shot in Sydney? it looks like something out of another world.
    love the mexican/ south american influence. great styling :)

    Mel x

  7. okay these pictures are GORGEOUS!!! so pretty, you look stunning!! i love that tribally blazer, i'm pretty sure i have the matching shorts haha...not really but i have shorts with basically the same pattern.

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the oh so sweet comment!! :) and i'm am soo enjoying your blog, its wonderful! definitely following back :)

  8. Your photos and styling are absolutely gorgeous. That picture of you in black dress under the shade reminds me of the current Gucci advertisement. Love the color mix and match, the floral headpiece is jist lovely.

    I really enjoy your blog, and following you via bloglovin


  9. Marvelous looks and pictures, everything is so good styled, I love the make up and hair!! Very pretty blog!
    Kisses from the newest follower!!;)