The Adventures of RedRibbon: Part 1

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photos were shot on a 5D MKII with a 50mm f/1.8.

I lost the little belt thingy that goes with this dress so I never wear it (it's a little loose around the waist). But I found this red ribbon and decided it would be perfect with the light blue colour. Albeit I did feel like a walking present, but you know, in a good way.

But it didn't stop there... I took it way too far and just started tying it to everything as I went through my day. I wonder if I could manage to somehow wear it everyday for the rest of the year in new and interesting ways.

Is that a weird challenge? I hope so.


Anise dress
Akubra hat

x Mez


  1. yay for finding another Sydney blogger! :) the Anise dress is incredible, such a beautiful shade of blue. I love the challenge idea too haha! just started following you- I can't wait to see more ways of utilising a little ribbon! would be very inspiring indeed :)

  2. That is far too adorable! So glad I stumbled across your blog! I love your style and your write-ups keep me wanting to read more ;)


  3. I love that you added the little red belt. The dress is gorgeous and the little extra pop of color is perfect.

  4. You're so pretty i love your blog. I'm definitely following now. Keep in touch..

    violetheart xxoo

  5. Heyy~ I saw you on Refinery29! Voted for you! xx

  6. That dress is stunning. Love the way the photos are lit from behind.

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  7. Ah guys! You're all too sweet and lovely- definitely going to have trouble fitting my head through a door with all this support (you know.... because it's so big and huge now from the compliments).

    I'm checking out all your blogs now and following!