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I would never think I would suit a jumpsuit. 

In my frantic state to pick something to wear for the Ray-Ban and Pedestrian Photography Awards two nights ago, I picked this up more to humour myself then actually plan to wear it. And yet, once I put it on, I loved it.

Soft, elegant, and tailored in all the right places. Steele is fast becoming a brand I can say with confidence I would wear a lot of. I have never received so many compliments on my outfit before. 

These photos don't really do it justice, the cut was just perfect.

Right now, posting and answering interview questions before racing off to Bondi Beach to give style advice for the OPSM Sunshine Tour.

If you guys are around come down and say hi!!

I'll be there from 4 :)


Jumpsuit/Steele // Jewellery/Man // 
Python Clutch/Miriam Black // 

x Mez

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