C a k e.

ModeRepublic, an awesome community lookbook site, recently asked me to complete an interview with one of the questions asking me to describe my favourite look of the moment. 

This question quickly prompted my inner voice to begin singing my favourite Cake song- "short skirt, long jacket". Because I seriously have had this obsession with short fronts and long, flawy backs ( I into mullet outfits...?!).

I've also begun to notice that I've broken away substantially from 'dressing for other people' which I feel was initially what I was doing when I began  blogging. I'm slowly developing/discovering my own style and I love it.

dress//vintage (amazing find- 100% silk)
shoes// Wittner
bag// Byrd Holland Vintage
necklace// Byrd Holland
green faux fur jacket// vintage

Hope you're all well x