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What I Wore Today #4

 Shoes, Zu// Dress, Zara (overseas)//
Belt, thrifted//
Cuff, ASOS// Jewellery, Byrd Holland.

My uni exams start next week and I am so stressed about how much there is to do, that I end up doing nothing! There are so many forces pulling me in polar directions at the moment that it'd be interesting to see what I end up doing for a career next year, once I finish.

Science vs Psychology vs Fashion vs Photography

I've had job offers from every field, and to think that 6 months ago there was nothing!
Byrd Holland has taken off substantially in the last month (you can probably tell by the rate of stock that is now frequently being uploaded) and I now have regular job applications coming in, new designers emailing me daily, as well as being in the middle of looking for a studio AND a new web designer (if you know someone, let me know!!?).
This summer will see a whole new make over for the site- including a unique and different way of buying clothing!

Hope you are all well :)


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