Neon Two

Ok, so this is my second outfit attempt with this neon bag and I am slowly coming to terms with the daunting reality that this bag generally suits monochromatic colours. 
Blacks, whites and greys. 

I only have one more attempt at this outfit for the '3 days of...' section and I was wondering if you fabulous fashionistas out there had any suggestions as to how I can mix it with colour? can it be done at all?

Maybe it's an urban legend.
Maybe it's a myth.
But completely unlike the Loch ness monster, I am convinced it is somehow possible.

Till next time..



  1. its absolutely fab! I'd love to see it with colors that make my eyes water, mmmm, or a hotpink pantsuit! yeah that'll do, regardless i'm sure it'll be stellar

  2. LOVE that satchel...
    I've romanced the idea of getting a pink one... not 100% sure about it though... still not completely sold.....

  3. maybe a peach or apricot colour??

  4. oh wow I love this look and your hair, fits all perfectly to the great neon yellow satchel!


  5. I'm completely in love with these neon bags but absolutely stuck as to what I could wear them with myself - so I'm not any help there really! I think it looks splendid on you here though. :)

    Your blog is such a visual feast... xo