Video Upload!

Guys, I'm so sorry for the shite Photobooth recording, but I don't have a camera!


  1. So.... Paul just brought to my attention that I say 'you guys' a lot in this video... I counted. I say it 12 times.

    12 TIMES.

    I'm guys........ ; )

  2. Hehe...Loved this video Mez!

    And I loved that you got interrupted so many times...hilarious and something I can totally relate to!

    I think it would be great if you could write a bit more on here, I love your writing style and it would be a cool new layer to add to your blog! Plus we'd all get to know more about you, your perspective and your opinions :)

    Love you!

    Loz xx (aka. one of "you guys")

  3. hey maria its teresa
    i looked at ur video so cute
    i love u babe!

    i would to talk to u about it
    and do something together if ur interested!!!
    i mean about the blog
    do something different
    i would like to talk to u about it if u want
    email me ok?
    love u mez

  4. Mariaaaa
    This vid was effing cute...
    If you think you sound weird - you should hear me... I have attempted videos before, and I can't stand the fact that I'm talking to a computer screen... just doesn't go down well haha. You have inspired me to retry though! And by the way, you have also made me miss home more with your Aussie accent. :( gahhh

    Like you, I bloody obsessed with blogging, and also feel that sometimes I will spend ages on a post, and no one will comment - other times ill post a picture or two, and ill get crazy feedback... so I'm confused too.

    In terms of your blog - I think the biggest thing is to try implement lots of your own content... that's what I like anyway... It's easy to reblog pics etc. (I know I am a victim of this crime and am trying to change this!)
    And online stores - I like ones that are updated often and easy to navigate, and also ones that give you pictures of what you can wear things with - Mikkat Market is a good example of this.

    Hope you like the feedback, and feel free to return the favor!

    Klee xx

  5. hey, thanks for following i really appreciate it:)
    i just went trough your blog and i love it! i like how you mix personal stuff and fashion pictures! keep on doing it, it's great!


  6. yaaaay guys- thanks so much for your feedback, you're all amazing!!

  7. Loved the video hun!! Just catching up on all your posts as my work decided to not show any of your pics so I have to look at home!

    I love all your fashion pics as you have amazing style!

    Keep it up