C O F F E E & T E A

Some photos from my first day in Melbourne, too much food, walking and shopping.
Went to the Harper's Bazaar show last night and was riveted not only at the beautiful clothing, but at how... so-so some of my favourite labels were. 
I said it guys, I'm going to be honest in my reporting to you, some of the collections were just.. ok.
But I have so many photos to show you guys!

But in the meantime, what you've all been waiting for, eagerly sitting at home doing nothing but rocking back and forth, occasionally twitching and yelling 'fashion fazer!!!' in tourettes-like spurts.......... drumroll please.... an outfit!!

('yay' - Mez Fashionfazer, 2011)

Ok, so it was freezing, I apologise for the clutching of the coat and simplicity of this outfit but I wanted to show you guys my new shoes. Like?

Jacket- Topshop
Shoes- Sportsgirl
Dress- Very cheap
Earrings- Forever 21


  1. You look fantastic.

    Hope you're having an amazing time!

  2. Great Shoes - Loving the look!
    Welcome to Melbourne

    xx Justyna

    P.S Check out my blog when you get the chance

  3. Lovely, awesome, fabulous!! Hope Melbourne has been amazing!! xxx

  4. great pics! i love that black bag. it looks like a mulberry
    ♡, Rosa T.