Mitchell Road Auction Centre

I kept passing this huge yellow warehouse on the way to Newtown and one day decided to stop and go inside to explore a bit. 
To cut a long vintage story short- I found my heaven.
The Mitchell Road Auction Centre is a warehouse that sells antiques and vintage items from all different shops in Sydney.

It was amaze-balls, to put it technically.

You HAVE to check it out!


  1. I want the antlers!!!! I'd totally buy them in a heartbeat and paint them white... I've got visions of having antlers in my house.

  2. Mez-- me too! I've gotten a little obsessed with antlers, want to find some reasonably priced ones though, these were a little expensive.

    Might need to do some flea market rummaging?

  3. Let's go here on Wednesday! and also to Doug up on Bourke..woo xx

    ps classic Vince