I took your polaroid down from my room.

I am somewhat of a weirdo (say what Mez!?), yes, you read correctly. No that new mascara is not blurring your vision. 
I called myself a weirdo. Have you ever had those moments where you say something in a social situation, and in a judgement induced instant you are transported out of your body and are suddenly standing there, shaking your head going 'did you seriously just say that to someone...?....SERIOUSLY?! ARE YOU HIGH!?'.
But alas, I am not high, nor have I somehow managed to access some previously dormant, super human ability to leave my body (although....c' cool would that be!?). This is in fact, pretty much my everyday life. I'm constantly cracking jokes to myself and narrating situations. Which seems a bit ironic considering I'm a psychologist-in-training.

Anyway, what's everyone else think of this?
Do you do this as well?
Should I commit myself!?
Why am I asking so many questions!?!

1 comment:

  1. all the time brah...
    its not craziness...its mezellness...