Jungle Boogie

So I came up with 5 different outfits for the disco themed party but always ended looking like a semi normal 'boho'/ hippie. I think that's what I would've been at the time anyway, so it works.

P.s: Sorry for the seemingly self indulgent first 2 photos, but the first one is to show the whole outfit and the second is to show that I randomly did the same pose Katy Perry is doing on the magazine behind me.
Creepy and possibly subconscious?

Dress, Custo (bought this last time I was in Italy// Coat, vintage// boots, Topshop// belt, no idea// fringed bag, vintage// green scarf thing, Mum's Closet// sunnies, Diva// 3 stone ring, Diva.

Elin wears:
Disneyland jacket, vintage// dress, hired.

I also managed to find a tophat today. Those who know me, know that this is like the Holy Grail of Random Accessories for me, and I've been searching for a good one for years. I don't care if I look silly, i'm totally going to wear it all the time:


  1. Great pics. Great blog and I follow you now... perhaps you will follow me, too?

    LOVE minnja

  2. I could not be more in love with that top hat .. gorgeous !


  3. Very cute outfit! Awesome earrings, and awesome top hat. I'm on your side, you should definitley wear it all the time.

  4. Ahhh I love those Slurpee shots!!!!

  5. how rad are these photos!! i love it!! the slurpee booths are so cute!! :D you look incredible, dear! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. that vintage jacket in the first two photos is to die for!! Love the hippie luxe style, very very cool

  7. I think the top hat looks great on you! Just wouldn't wanna be sitting behind you at the movies..