save me a seat as well

The new Topshop Fall/Winter collection coming out later this year, I will own all of these pieces, trust me I am determined for this to be my next mission. I could stare at these all day.

(via Fashion Squad)

Ph. by Me!

Everyone needs a little French in their lives. Not entirely sure whether that's true but I choose to take mine in the form of food at the lovely french patisserie cafe in Alexandria! I am aware that I post a lot of food shots, and I'm not going to lie, it probably won't stop.... sorry?

song playing at the moment: Romeo & Juliet, Lisa Mitchell (cover)

M :)


  1. Soooo into that Topshop vest! And the food looks delicioussss

  2. Gorgeous fall pieces! I would love to own that drapey vest! Channeling Rick Owens in the best way.