My life has been somewhat dishevelled lately. Picture me, flowy dressed and all, weaving through fragmented pieces of possible worlds and lists, and lists, and lists. I confess this entry may be slightly tinted in the after-thought of a drug induced 20 hours. No I am not an addict, although technically I do shoot up in my house (read here for memory refresh).  Back to some sort of literary structure-- my life, in all its fragmented glory (ironically, much like this entry), has now gotten to a point where there is some undercurrent of peace.

If you are living in society, or have a general affinity for numbers, or are naturally ruthless, then a rather large portion of your material success is entirely dependant upon finding within yourself some sort of exploitable trait with an obvious economic value. David Foster Wallace in a commencement speech once said ‘that which you worship, you will never have enough of’.  I can identify.

It seems that within my yearning to follow my passions I have encountered two roadblocks:

  1.      an inability to clearly define a ‘singular’ passion, and
  2.    an inability to believe that any of my passions hold any smidgen of talent.

So when I start, I do the one thing no one should ever do- I compare. I compare my writing, my looks, my personality, my success, my age, my blog, my entirety of my life. Obviously the comparison is so I can ‘grow’, ‘learn’ and ‘research’ ideas. But to the detriment of my self faith.

To finalise: for the moment I no longer care, my mission statement as such is as follows:

·      To write whatever I desire
·      To understand rejection
·      To have faith in my eyes and the tiny world I see
·      To explore my goals
·      To have a quasi-narcissistic faith in my perseverance above all else.

P.S: by now you’ve most likely noticed my penchant for list making. I’d make a list of reasons why, but that would be taking irony way too far.


  1. I get it. Totally.

    I'm a serial list maker, too.

    Good luck with the new list. It's best to leave comparisons by the wayside.

  2. I completely understand your dillema, I'm at a moment in my life when I'm trying to determine what my next step will be, and it's difficult to make choices that will determine my whole entire life. I feel like by choosing I am limiting myself and ignoring other interests and passions. It's so difficult not to fall prey to comparisons, but I think you just have to believe in the validity of your choices and goals. Just keep going...

  3. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment;

    InnyVinny- Lists Are My Life.

    Becca- I think I just have to have a little more faith and stop putting so much pressure on myself! Hope you're going ok with your dilemma?

    and micol zanzuri- YOU'RE gorgeous for thinking that!