milk and dark

mmmmm....dark and milk thick italian hot chocolate from Max Brenner..

Could it be a more perfect night? After visiting my friend Ash at work I picked up some hot chocolate and magazines while the rain fell. So good.

I got my forever 21 order 2 days ago so I've pretty much been wearing everything from it!

Pic 1 & 5: Forever 21 striped T,necklace and earrings (that's right, I'm impatient), random tights, rockchic blazer (its like a million years old), Dangerfield hat, Supre scarf, Blockout skirt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Pic 2,3 & 4: Jeffrey Campbell clinic shoes, Forever 21 cross, YSL ring, Forever 21 striped T, random other gold rings who's heritage alludes me.

Guys I'm so excited, a while ago I said I would do a give away if I ever got to 100 followers, fashionfazer has gotten almost 20 new followers in the past week so only 37 more followers to go on either bloglovin or google!

So excited, already compiling ideas.

Hope everyone is well and thank you for the surprisingly overwhelming emails about shop fazer!

By the way, how does everyone like the new header?



  1. Magazines and hot chocolate while it's raining sounds absolutely perfect!
    Congrats on the new followers! How did you get so many? xoxo

  2. Your friend ash sounds really cool.
    Also the photos turned out really cute..!!

  3. This outfit is gorgeous from head to toe. The fashion mags and hot chocolate are just icing on the cake.

  4. We really love this whole outfit. The stripes and turquoise necklace are our favourite parts =)

    xx .sabo skirt.

  5. totally in love with this outfit and especially with your shoes :)

  6. Love that turquoise cross necklace, its gorgeous!