pebbles forgive me the trees forgive me

So I finally ordered my camera yesterday and I cannot describe to you how excited I actually am. 
Also, saw some unbelievable OTK grey suede boots that I just feel would be perfect with floral dress and denim jacket.
And I keep telling myself to prioritise my modest funds (I've decided to buy a gym membership), but I actually think I might be hearing them call my name.

Sitting here watching Juno. Diablo Cody is a genius.
Sea of Love (version by Cat Power) is such a beautiful song.
This movie reminds me of a certain originality that I love to have in my life, and love.

Anyhoo, Paul's gig tonight! 
Note to self: charge camera.

How's everyone else been?


  1. So cute, i love that movie hehe. Alfalfa haha
    And very pretty photographs :)
    Vanilah xx

  2. the first pic is so cute!
    love Juno ;)