doctor's on the phone and she hangs up

Where to start.. So last night we had a cocktail night at my friends place in which we proceeded to make 8 different types of drinks from several books in order to be better acquainted with them. Obviously this included some trial and error taste-testing, and by the end of the night I'm pretty sure I remember us just making stuff up and chucking everything we could into a blender.

I'm wearing these crazy Sportsgirl tights and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

This morning it's raining, and it's early and I have to go see Paul and my head is exploding and all I want is coffee. coffee....mmmmmm

If anyone wants to know the recipes of any of the above cocktails let me know and I'll post them! Seriously the second cocktail shown has maltesers in it.

thought I'd give everyone a heads up that on the 26th of May we should all wear red lipstick to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis! 

And lastly, I've decided that if I were ever to reach 100 followers (google + Bloglovin') I would do a give away!
Have so many ideas for it.


Hope everyone is well! 


  1. Oh! I love the MS red lisptick day, I'm going to let the girl's at work know. We're a neurosciences ward so we have patient's that have MS all the time.

    LOVE the cocktails too, can you please post recipes!!!

    Have a lovely weekend.

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  2. Love your tie dyed tights and that drink looks amazing!


  3. Awesome post! I love that kind of party! That cocktail with the swirls around the glass look amazing!! Your blog is great!! :)