cancel your plans lets do something amazing

It is inevitable that a psychology degree will prompt you to think a little deeper about aspects of society which previously could have blended in with other Things Which We Know Are Happening But Don't Want To Pay Attention To (Because It May Be Too Confronting/Energy Consuming).
I have fallen prey to this many times in instances when I am so happy that, I kind of want to stay still....? If that makes sense.

Yesterday we were asked whether we would help someone who was getting attacked, if we were standing in a crowd. 100% of people put their hands up. 
Everyone thinks they're a hero. I still think 'surely I would help/call the cops', and yet it is a complete rarity that someone will be the first to take action.

Hence- the 'Bystander Effect'.

We need more heroes!

Picture 1 & 2: wearing vintage faux fur coat, Supre floral dress, Topshop boots, Topshop sunnies and Supre necklace.
Picture 4: La Dama knit rosary beads
Picture 5: ....I went out and spent $40 on magazines and as I stared at them on my bed I realised.. I have the weirdest range of interests.
Picture 6: A plant that keeps trying to die on me and that I keep trying to save.
Picture 7: The Blur.
Picture 8: Heavy metal
Picture 9: Dylan poster (check out the cat eye sunnies.. talk about history repeating itself!)



  1. cooooooool post!!!!!

    lovely blog u have girl!!!!!

    i followed u!!!!

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  2. Love this outfit lady, your legs look so, so long. I helped a lady that had collapsed at a department store today... everyone else just walked past. I am a nurse so maybe that's why I feel compelled to help. Once I helped a lady that was choking in a food court, it was lunch time... people just sat and stared and watched her choke. People can be so weird. One day at work a patient had collapsed in front of the coffee shop and we were doing CPR, he died, despite our efforts. People sat in the coffee shop drinking their coffee just watching us, it didn't seem to register in their heads that a human was dying. I still can't get my head around that. ♥

  3. A big thanks to everyone for the compliments!! You have no idea how much I read and appreciate each and every single one.

    Mez- (coincidentally Mez is wat everyone calls me too) I was actually speaking about this today to my boyfriend, its definitely one of my biggest fears. 'When good men do nothing'!

  4. i love this. no pants is just so much more comfortable and free-er feeling and who doesnt want to show off some leg? hehe

    Anna Katrina

  5. Luv ur outfit, pics and blog! : )

  6. Your topshop boots are HOT HOT HOT!

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  7. everyone does think they're a hero, until they realize how weak they are when actually faced with a real problem. not everyone though, there are some genuine big-hearted brazen creatures out there. they are just hard to come by.

    in love with the outfit by the way.

  8. Love it! Per usual, your 3-stone ring had prompted another fruitless ebay search on my part... let's see how it goes this time...

    Do you paint, btw? I like the canvas painting behind you in the first two pics. Is it yours?


  9. Robyn I'm going to try to find the same one, you'll literally cry tears of joy when you find out how much this thing actually costs.

    And....yeah I paint..not very well at all. Forgot the giant canvas in background might erm... give it away!