you know that it's a fool who plays it cool

Can you spot the difference? The top pair are Grey Ant Status glasses and the ones I'm wearing are Topshop ones, clearly and indubitably erm, 'influenced' by the Status pair.

I mean, I'm all for making designs more accessible to the every man, obviously I'm wearing the Topshop ones for a reason, but what's amusing to me is this- who's job is it to think of ways to integrate a design but change it ever so slightly for the intended legality of it all??
In this case it's obviously the little screws in the corner.

Anyway, there's another 'influenced' pair here.

More outfits to come as soon as camera decides to be fixed/new camera gets delivered. 

Also, this video is so amazing and fun:


  1. haha i know what you mean...sometimes i feel guilty for buying things that are heavily "influenced" but i just dont have the funds. it's really a fine line though...

  2. loving the shades! must be quite a steal compared to the branded ones!!!!!! it suits u perfectly!!! now i wanna get a pair as well!

    xoxo jenna

  3. i like so much this glasses!

  4. Wow, I completely thought those were the Status. I saw some smoke grey versions at Forever21 the other day. Those shades look great on you!


  5. love those shades! both pairs are great =D