layin everybody low with a love song

Supre slip with zipper (worn underneath), American Apparel lace dress, Equip earrings, random zebra looking shawl thing, Jessica Simpson shoes, wooden walkway in Darling Harbour, out at Zanzibar, my friend Laura's turquoise bling, me trying to do my hair before the actual photo is taken and mumbling something like 'yeah I wish i didn't lose so many freaking hair clips', the BEAUTIFUL clutch my boyfriends mother got me for my birthday, the Dany shoes on my bookshelf.. looking at this picture and the book titles makes me think of how diverse and scattered my interests are!

The weekend was great. Got to see my little brother who actually plays soccer for Australia (he is way too busy for his older sis), had a farewell and now it's crunch time and I have 2 assessments due on Tuesday and Monday.... I want to chuck this memory strategy experiment through the window of this library and go shopping. But alas, I can't. 

Plus, I'm a tad pov. and by pov I mean poor. and by poor i mean not really poor just being silly.

Ok enough procrastinating!! Back to the riveting results of the sort-recall play-recall strategy task....yay.....


  1. What's a Bazaar?Apr 18, 2010, 9:43:00 PM

    Love Love Love the clutch!

  2. The Dany heels!! I tried them on a few weeks ago and fell in love, they are perfect. I love all of the pieces in this post, and was squinting trying to see your books to add to my Amazon list.

    Great blog, I will be following!


  3. haha Lori that is the most random collection of books, I wouldn't be adding any of them!! except maybe the printing one cause its really good for DIY!!

    But seriously I'm pretty sure one of them is a psych book from my uni!

  4. You look GORGEOUS honey! LOVE the lace on you. totallyyyy rocking it!

    love xxx