Get on your dancing shoes

Elin wears Brazilian Collection tank, red scarf from markets, pants from Planet Eden (markets),beanie from equip, necklace from Tree of Life, rings from various Tibetan shops, cardigan SWS from Canada....random, I know...

I'm wearing Spicy Girl top, Sportsgirl necklace, True Religion jeans, equip earrings and Ray Bans.

In the true fashion of all things European, this Easter break am truly stuffing my face with more food than I've eaten thus far in the year. Pretty much more then I weigh. Happy Easter to all, enjoy the break!

Get FAT!



  1. Yayyyyy FOOD! ;-) Isn't that what holidays are for?

    Both of you ladies look beautiful in these photos... also, European? I thought you were from Australia?


  2. Hey Robyn!!! Yeah, I'm Italian... pretty full blooded with a humungous family (26 first cousins). I lived there till I was like 7.. And my family owns Italian restaurants and cafe's so food is a pretty integral part of who we are. But I live in Bondi, in Australia, and I grew up here.


    by the way I just showed my cousins your blogs and told them about your brilliant and captivating wit that makes you LOL for real.