chocaholics anonymous

Riddle me this: how does one stay slim when one works in a chocolate store?
That first picture is actually a giant box of chocolate covered honeycomb. Some of the pieces are like large rocks.

And yet I'm trying to be healthy. I recently decided that my goal was not to 'lose weight' (although if that happened, it'd be a welcome bonus), but rather 'to be healthy' and feel fit and strong.

What have I done so far about it? Started consistently taking my vitamins and drinking at least 2.4 L of water per day.
Next step after I make this a habit- Salad before dinner and cut down to one coffee a day.

but....I love coffee..


  1. Angela lover of honeycomb chocolateApr 27, 2010, 4:45:00 PM

    Maria......that is just CRUEL!!!!

  2. hahahahahahahaha or more like- muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha