tied up with string

Martin Grant

Michael Angel

I'd do anything for that first Michael Angel dress, and almost anything for that last coat.

Ok so I still don't have the net and am not having too much luck getting access to it!

On another note, there is nothing I love more than getting stuff in the mail that is NOT a bill, and yesterday I had a large yellow envelope waiting for me.
The envelope had a bird on it and it is by that simple notion I knew it was from my amazingly beautiful cousin Kiara. 

Inside were letters, excerpts and pictures bound together by string.
You know those people you don't speak to for months, and yet everytime you're in their company you're inexplicably reminded about who you really are/who you strive to be?
That's Kiara, in all her vintage, creative glory.

: )

Any way, I have begun thinking about my birthday.. 23 in 3 weeks... aagh.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. I like the first and the third list... sorry about your Internet! I love that your cousin bound her letters to you by string- what a pleasant package to receive!