there's a red house over yonder

Went to one of my absolute favourite cafe/ bookstores today- Journey's at Annandale.

How massive are those Jeffrey Cambell shoes!?! I've only just learnt to balance on them. Hat from Sportsgirl, Plush thigh highs, Supre belt, White Verve dress.

I wish I took pictures of this outfit standing up but I'm a douche and that's what douche's do.

Had the most random night last night... The guy that sold me my car (yep, bought a new car last week!) messaged me to let me know he would call me on monday to let me know when it would be ready..................
and invited me to a club to have drinks with him.

Granted the EXTREME breach in privacy, I really don't know whether to view this as stalkerish or extremely gutsy.


Also my Jimi t-shirt!! Always gotta have a little Hendrix in your life.

not quite sure whether it looks better tucked in or out but was thinking of popping a denim vest over it and hittin' the road for some old school fun.


  1. Wow, love the whole 'rock' feel to that outfit.

    Can I ask where you got your skirt from please : P ?

    Also- that's so romantic!! He took a huge leap!

    Go for it girly


  2. thank you so much! i love yours too, will definately follow you.

    ps. rad hendrix t

    x Posey

  3. also, how can i make sure i can approve comments before they appear on my entries? xox

  4. I gotta say, after seeing those cake pictures, I had no choice but go and buy some good coffee and cake. It's irresistible!

    Love the Hendrix t-shirt! I bought myself a Springsteen one yesterday. In love with it. Definitely need a Hendrix one in my life, too :)

  5. I want a cappuccino soo badly now. YUM!

    Your rock outfit is awesome! I have a similar AA skirt; I love the idea of rocking it with a classic band tee. Enjoy your good ol' fashioned fun girl!

  6. Also, I linked your blog in my "Better than Magazines" sidebar... thought you might like to know. :)


  7. So many comments I feel so loved!

    Sezza- the skirt is actually a Pleasure Doing Business skirt, I fell in love with it after I saw it on Rihanna and it's actually not too expensive. I got mine from Singer 22 if you want to have a crack!

    Posey- love ur new blog, waiting to see more.

    Oliolioli- first off, I love ur display name. Make me want to shout out everytime I read it. I see this photo had the same effect on Robyn so let me start off by sayin; I LOVE COFFEE.

    I'm Italian and we own cafe's and coffee is such a beautiful part of that.

    Also, it seems to be one of the options on Blogger when I was setting it up? I just ticked the little box... Maybe in settings and comment moderation????

    And finally, Robyn- are you an absolute legend? ARE YOU???!!

    I think Yes. Yes you are, definitely returning the favour.

  8. Haha thanks about the display name. They call me Oli around here haha. Awww I love Italy. <3 I might drive through the northern parts of it if I go to Croatia this summer. Coffee is the best. Had a starbucks earlier and have one of those cold ones in my fridge which I will probably drink soon.

    Also, I changed the settings! Thanks for letting me know how to. Some idiot keeps criticising pretty much each of my entries and doesn't even reveal their identity, so I'd rather not have them posting! lol xoxo