the hot garbage and concrete

Today is a stunning Sydney day. Not too hot, but a brilliant sun and colours everywhere. Days like this make me want to explore and late afternoon is the perfect time to go for a walk to the beach with a camera, which is what I'm about to do. 
Wish I had something funnier to say in this post but... I don't.... except maybe that when I took those photo's of the sky and park I was in the car driving with one hand and taking photo's out the window with my other. My friend pretty much thought she was going to die and the cars behind me just stared in confusion.

I'm wearing an Oroton bag, rings and bracelets from Tranquil Settings, belt from Supre, shawl from Attik, Reverse dress, Pelle Moda platforms.

Also, guess what? I got invited to L'Oreal Fashion week in Melbourne in 2 weeks!!   

This is a little daunting for me as I have seriously never been to a fashion show besides the ones that go on randomly at shopping centres which, let's not kid ourselves, aren't really fashion shows are they? . 

Any suggestions as to proper attire?? Obviously I'm going for casual/chic/grunge/girly. But, I don't think 'schizophrenia' will go down too well so might have to choose 2 themes and run with it.


  1. Why do u always hide ur face?! Ur not AT ALL unfortunate looking!

    You should model girly :p

    Love that shawl/cardi thing, amazing detailing!


  2. Hey Fhadi, that was the quickest commenting I've ever seen- Jeez!

    Umm. i'm just a little camera shy and I really want this blog to be about more than me! But I'll try and show my face every once and a while. There is a post from last month of photo's from a night out which show my face..... and thank u for the compliment, but there is no way in hell that I could model!