Use the force

So um.. I couldn't hold out any longer and started craving that 'newness' to my wardrobe. And this inexplicable force took over my mind and told me to buy 2 pairs of shoes, one pair of knee high tights and a bag, so as you see, it wasn't my fault. I am the innocent victim of anyone buying this? I would, but I have no money left.

Going to continue clearing out wardrobe, although I tend to find it difficult because I always 're-fall' in love with some pieces of clothing. and its always hard to tell which ones they'll actually be. Will update on progress of gig outfit shortly. Definitly wearing one of these shoes.

Ok. So I am so aware that this attempt at a nonchalance photo shoot has backfired and in fact made me look like- well, frankly, a bit of a narcissistic wanker. I realise. I'm sorry. Each one of the shots actually caught me off guard, in the first one I'm actually trying to tuck my shirt in. But alas, I'll just keep dreaming of being able to one day do FashionToast quality photo's of outfits.

Also, I know this is a really simple outfit. I like simple.

(CottonOn T, Refuge Denim shorts, Oroton bag)


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  1. Ur quite pretty, keep up the good work.

    Katie D