It means another day without you my friend.

Guys, I just wanted to show this new top I was given today. It has this really delicate beading trim and has a hoody! I know right? 'Crazy' is what you're thinking right now. You are, don't lie. 
There's no need.

On another note, sorry about the photo's. I'm still a bit weird taking photo's of myself without feeling entirely vain. No joke- I don't even have facebook.

At the moment it's midnight and I'm having a 'How I Met Your Mother' marathon and drinking some tea, ironically one of the episodes I've never seen before is exactly what's going on in my life at the moment as far as relationships go.
Without going into too much detail to complete strangers I don't know- I'm a little bummed and a little heartbroken.

Yes. I know, tear.

Aaaah life and love.

Ok enough, back to that bizarro business they call fashion. A little while ago I wrote a post review on that New Zealand brand Twenty-Seven Names and their reps kindly sent me some photo's of their NEW collection which I pretty much have erm... sexually assaulted with my eyes I love it so much. These are my picks:

I just love the simplicity in these pieces. I'd love to get a hold of that halter- shirt and tuck it into possibly a leather skirt for contrast. These dresses are beautiful too.


  1. I love the last dress. It shall be mine x

  2. haha the velvet one? yeah its awesome!! Apparently they have a link up to this site on their facebook which is cool. Shout out!